10 Cool Things I Did in 2017

I’m keeping this blog post short. I did a lot of cool stuff in 2017. People like reading lists. I made a list of 10 cool things that happened to me, corresponding with the number of times they happened. I wanted to post this on December 31st but unfortunately the number of times I was late last year was about 10249534.

Florence, Italy. 2017

Number of graduate degrees I finished: 1
I finished my master’s degree, with honors, from one of Russia’s top universities. The education was as intellectually stimulating as Trump’s tweets. Smart! Very smart!

Number of months I worked at a bar: 2
I was visiting friends and family in the States and worked for a bit at my old college bar. I drank great beer, met cool people and got paid. $weeet.

Number of ___ I ___: 3
Gonna keep you guessing on this one. Maybe what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Or maybe I couldn’t come up with anything I did just 3 times. *mystery intensifies*

Number of beaches I visited: 4
Thailand, Romania, Mexico, Turkey. All salty but not as much as you are about all the vacations you didn’t take last year.

Number of escape rooms I escaped from: 5
Escape room quests are like being the star of your own movie thriller. My favorite one was of questionable safety with fake blood and real glass in a poorly wired basement.

Number of new countries I visited: 6
Thailand, Ukraine, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Mexico. (I also visited the Vatican but it doesn’t have a McDonalds so does it actually count…?)

Number of cities I explored in Russia: 7
All I can say is it should have been more! Every Russian city, big or small, has its own beauty, charm, and grandmas selling pirozhki.

Number of months I worked for Google: 8
I worked on marketing campaigns bigger than yo mama. I helped select the 2018 Google Doodles for Russia. I ate caviar for breakfast. I may have used up my lifetime supply of luck to work here. Only time will tell.

Number of times I visited the theater: 9
Operas, dramas, comedies -- art and human expression at their finest.

Number of countries I ate McDonald’s in this year: 10
Don’t judge me. I don’t judge you for eating McDonald's too many times in just one country.

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