10 Signs You Might Be Addicted To Flappy Bird

So, I'm sure most of you have heard of the newest viral game, Flappy Bird. Below are 10 signs you just may be addicted to it.

1. Your high score is 20 or greater.
Actually, let's be honest here. If your high score is greater than 3, you've spent more time with this game than you should have.

2. You and your friends keep each other updated on your flappy bird high scores.
Furthermore, five seconds after an updated score post on facebook, six of the most addicted friends post gloating or dejected comments on how they feel about your new high score.

3. You have questioned whether it's the bird or the pipes that are moving.
I mean, maybe the bird is flapping its wings and the pipes are coming at the bird. Or maybe the bird is actually moving... who knows?

4. Other, non-addicted friends post videos on your Facebook wall on how you can beat flappy bird.
Even though we all know it's yet another video prompting you to delete the app from your phone which is NOT going to happen.

5. You've noticed that the game's background progresses from daylight to night each time you start a new game.
And if each time the light changed in your game constituted a single day in real life, you'd have been flapping your wings for well over a year in Flappy Bird City.

6. Your heart starts thumping and your hands start shaking just a tiny bit when you beat your old high score.
Like, omg I just accomplished so much in my life.

7. You've wanted to yell and break things when a text or phone call ruined the flow of a game
You may, in fact, have actually yelled and broken things when this happened.

8. There has been a nagging thought in the back of your head that maybe you should uninstall Flappy Bird.
This thought is promptly squashed with the euphoric feeling you get after a new high score

9. You have set your phone to stop autocorrecting "flappy" to "floppy".
Get with the times, phone.

10. You just want your friends to stop playing Flappy Bird so you can finally beat everyone's high score and stop playing.
Unfortunately, all of your friends think this way.

Well, fellow flappy bird addicts, do you agree? 


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  2. Yep, you pretty much covered it all. As I get closer to a friends high score my heart starts pounding, fingers become numb, I can't tell if I'm actually touching the screen with my finger every time I flap. By the time I realize that I am over thinking it, It is too late. Why would anyone play this game? Oh right, The Feeling , the rush you get when you finally pass that one damn pipe ahead of the previous high score. Then the relief of finally not having to play again until someone else decides to challenge you.

    Oh, now that you mentioned it, I got some flapping to do.

    1. Guess what? First comment ever on my blog!! Woop woop(:


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